Tutoring Services

At Socrates’ Study Space, we provide personalised and effective tutoring services for students of all ages and levels. From KS1 to A level subjects, our experienced tutors are dedicated to helping students achieve their academic potential. 

What We Offer

Subject Tutoring

We teach a range of subjects tailored for each year group and their aims, whether to improve or for succeeding your exams, its made for you at Scubed.

Math & Science

English & Literature

History & Economics

Exam Prep

In addition to teaching content we make sure we prepare you for your exams, whether its your GCSE’s or your End of Year/Topic tests, were here to make sure you ace it!




Study Skills

We also make sure you have the right skills and techniques in order to study efficiently, and can assist you with your set homework, improving your skills.

Basic Study Skills

Reading Comprehension

Homework Efficiency

Subjects & Exams


English Language

English Literature



Further Maths (GCSE)

Philosophy & Ethics







Religious Studies

Government & politics


Ks1 - KS4


11+ (including VR / NVR)



Professional Tutors


At Socrates’ Study Space, we pride ourselves on having highly qualified and experienced tutors. Our tutors have years of teaching experience and hold advanced degrees in their respective subjects, ensuring that they have the expertise and knowledge necessary to provide the highest quality tutoring services. We carefully select our tutors based on their qualifications, teaching skills and passion for education, so you can be confident that you’ll receive expert guidance and support in your studies.

Learn From The Comfort of Home!

Online Tutoring

Learning from home can be a convenient and effective way to improve your skills and knowledge. With online tutoring and homeschooling options, you can access high-quality education from the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits you. This can help to eliminate the time and expense of commuting to and from classes, while also allowing you to fit learning around your other commitments. Additionally, learning from home can provide a comfortable and personalised environment where you can work at your own pace and receive one-on-one attention from experienced tutors.


“Socrates’ Study Space has been a lifesaver for my child’s 11+ exam preparation. Their experienced tutors provided personalised attention and support, and helped my child develop the skills and confidence necessary to succeed. Their flexible online tutoring sessions were a perfect fit for our busy schedule, and I’m happy to say that my child aced the exam. Thank you Socrates’ Study Space!”

11+ Student

Year 6

“I was struggling with my GCSE Maths coursework and was feeling overwhelmed with the material. Thankfully, I found Socrates’ Study Space, and their experienced tutors helped me to understand the concepts and apply them to my coursework. Their personalised approach and flexible scheduling made it easy for me to fit learning around my other commitments. I’m grateful for their help, and I would highly recommend their tutoring services.”

Math GCSE Student

Year 11

“Since examinations were drawing near and I hadn’t made much progress with my A-Level Maths revision, I turned to Socrates’ Study Space for support. As I had never had a tutor before, I was somewhat hesitant, but it turned out to be the best choice I had ever made. Meena, my tutor, was really skilled at spotting the knowledge gaps in each topic I had, even going so far as to clarify GCSE material I hadn’t quite grasped but was required for my A-Level. Instead of relying solely on memorization of the techniques, she made sure I grasped the ideas and how they were formed. Since our sessions were online too, they also had the additional benefit of being available from anywhere. Honestly, it has given me a lot more confidence regarding the material, and it now seems much less daunting to consider my future exams as a result of it. I could not recommend Meena enough to anyone who is seeking a tutor!”

Rona, A-Level Student

Year 13 / Sixth Form

Let’s Learn Together!

At Socrates’ Study Space, we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality tutoring and homeschooling services to students of all ages and levels. Our experienced tutors are passionate about education and committed to helping students achieve their academic potential.

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